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1. Rates and prices are valid on the day of your booking. Payments can be made in cash or credit card through Paypal. The prices presented are described in US dollars, if you wish to pay in Mexican Pesos the exchange rate will be applied on the day you make the payment.

2. Reservations are subject to availability on the dates requested and will not be guaranteed until we receive a deposit determined during your booking process online (or 50 usd if you book by e-mail).

3. Reservations must be made and confirmed 48 hours before the service is provided by our online booking service. As soon as we receive your deposit we will contact you to give you all the details of the booking.

4. Payment of the services will be made as follows:

a. Deposit determined on the booking online service or 50 usd through paypal if you book by e-mail. The initial deposit will NOT generate a comission fee.

b. Payment of 100% of the agreed rate the first day of yor service. This paypement should be in cash.

c. In case you want to pay the full bill through payal, the total amount will generate a 5% extra charge to cover the paypal comission.


1. Changes of itinerary done by the client will be subject to availability of dates and weather conditions. These changes are free of charge if they are made more than 24 hours in advance and subject to availability. Changes made less than 24 hours in advance must be justified with a medical certificate, otherwise the service will be canceled without refund.

2. MX SCUBA reserves the right to make itinerary changes due to bad weather or cases of force majeure, should the client cannot make the change of itinerary, the proportional part of the services not rendered will be refunded.

3. MX SCUBA staff (instructor or guides) reserve the right to change or cancel the itinerary in cases where they consider the client is drunk, hangover, under the influence of drugs, poor physical and health condition or if the client presents behaviors that endanger life and health for him/herself or others during the service. In this case, there will be no refund.


1. The 100% refund will be applicable only in case of bad weather for the reef diving services in Playa del Carmen and / or Cozumel and only in cases when Harbour´s Master (of the corresponding port) declare port closed on the day of the service and it is not possible to make a change to the itinerary.

2. 100% of the service will be refunded in case of sickness, presenting a written statement by a doctor approved by MX SCUBA.

3. 100% of the service will be refunded if notice is given more than 24 hours before the start of the tour or service. Otherwise, the deposits or payments made up to the moment will not be refunded.


1. There are partial refunds in courses only if the instructor decides to interrupt the course sooner than planned and will only be refunded the corresponding part missing. If the student decides not to finish a course, there will be no refunds.

2. If due to bad weather or force majeure it is necessary to make a change of itinerary and the client is unable to make that change, the corresponding part of the canceled services will be refunded.

1. The service is canceled without refund if the client is drunk, hangover or under the influence of drugs at the moment of the service.

2. Customers booking tours for certified divers must present their required credentials, licenses or certifications on the day of service, otherwise the service will be canceled without any refund.

3. If the client (s) behave in a negligent, illegal, disrespectful manner, destroying the environment and / or endangering their safety and the rest of the group, it is the right of the guide or instructor to stop all activities and cancel the service or deny the service to the persons involved without refund for the activity.

4. There will be no refund if the client cancels the service the same day and does not present medical proof for the cancellation.




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