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Rescue Diver Course

As Most of the scuba diving courses, you will need to complete the independent study portion of the course prior to the lessons with your instructor. You can do this by getting the manual or signing for the e-learning and study in the comfort of your home. 

You also need to provide proof of training and certification of CPR, O2 provider (local law permitting), and/or first aid responder.

If you don´t have the previous certification, you can do the course with us, this will require to add one day to the course, click on the button to learn more! 

Three days will be planned for your course, and you will have the time to learn and practice self rescue, rescue to other divers, search patterns, and general management of in water accident scenarios. 

This course is one of the most demanding and challenging courses you can take, but also will be the most exciting and satisfying ever!

$ 360 usd


  • 15 years old or more.

  • Provide proof of training and certification of CPR, O2 provider (local law permitting, and/or firts aid responder.

  • Provide proof of a minimum certification of SDI Advanced Adventure diver or equivalent.

  • Provide proof of 40 logged dives.

  • Medical questionnaire sign (in case you answer a “yes” on the questionaire we need to have a medical clearance “fit for diving”)

  • Sign waivers.

What´s NOT included 

  • Lunch and water out of the boat.

  • Any aditional day required other than the described in the schedule above.

What IS included 

  • Rescue diver manual or e-learning code.

  • Equipment rental for 3 days.
    Transportation (with insurance) from and to your hotel (if the hotel is located within Playa del Carmen)

  • Theory lessons.

  • Sessions in confined water divided into one full day and two mornings.

  • Four open water dives.

  • Certification fee once you have achieved all the performance requirements.

  • Drinking water on the boat.

- This course lasts for three days, when booking, select the day you want to start with the course. Remember you should not dive 24 hours before your flight. - When booki...
Rescue Diver
8 hr
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