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TDI Sidemount Course

Diving with a new and different equipment configuration is not only to go with a trend, Sidemount diving opens a whole new vision of the possibilites that diving can have. Here are just some of the reasons why diving sidemount:

- Reduce drag.

- Increase redundancy.

- Increase stability underwater.

- Carry less weight on land.

- Possibility to access and repair equipment                  underwater.      

- Introduce yourself in a new dicing technique that

  will allow you to go further in the technical diving     world.

The sidemount configuration is one of the most adaptable and personalized kind of equipment, that is the reason why during the course, you will spend lots of time playing with your harness adjusting it until it fits you perfectly. That´s why we recommend that every diver should have their own harness as every diver has different body shape and needs.

We are located in a very priviledged part of Mexico, where we can do all the training in amazing natural pools in the open area of the cenotes. 


Day 1

Equipment configuration, sidemount theory, in-water skill practice. 


Equipment adjustments, sidemount theory, in-water skill practice and evaluation scenarios.


In-water sill practice and evaluation scenarios.

If your don´t have your sidemount equipment yet and have lots of question on what to buy, let us know and we can guide you through the different features of the harness, we can also give you some affordable options once you are ready to start the course.

Discounts are available for groups of 2-3 divers, just contact us on the form below.

$ 530 usd


  • Minimum age 15 years old.

  • Minimum Certification of SDI Open water diver or equivalent.

  • Medical questionnaire sign (in case you answer a “yes” on the questionaire we need to have a medical clearance “fit for diving”)

  • Sign waivers.

What´s NOT included 

  • Lunch.

  • Rental sidemount harness, rental fins, rental wetsuit. 

  • Any aditional day required other than the described in the schedule above.

What IS included 

  • Manual or e-learning code

  • Transportation (with insurance) from and to your hotel (if the hotel is located within Playa del Carmen)

  • Rental regulators for sidemount, aditional hardware required for the tanks.

  • Theory lesson, equipment workshop and configuration, confined water practice and skill evaluation scenario.

  • Certification fee once you have achieved all the performance requirements.

  • Snacks (fruit) and drinking water.

- This course lasts for three days, when booking, select the day you want to start with the course. Remember you should not dive 24 hours before your flight. - When booki...
TDI Sidemount Course
8 hr
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