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Cavern Diving in Mexico

Cavern diving is a must when you travel to the Mexican Caribbean. The whole Yucatán Peninsula has a huge “web like” underground rivers with openings to the surface which we call Cenotes.

This huge system of caves were formed through millions of years and the different ice ages that the earth has gone through. All the peninsula has been submerged under sea water and then emerged at least 100 meters above sea level on every ice age. This cyclical process has given this area very unique characteristics that can´t be found in any other place in the world.

Cenote diving is a completely different experience from the ocean dives around the world. Here you don´t really come to see alive marine life. Cavern diving is all about experiencing the Mayan jungle, getting in crystal clear water with more than 100 meters visibility, being amazed by huge galleries covered in mineral formations, looking into fossils from animals crawling in the ocean millions of years ago, and feeling amused by beautiful sunlight entries reflecting in the water.

Cenote diving is a different kind of diving also because you will enter in an overhead environment, however, you will be very close from any exit. All you need is to be open water certified as a minimum requirement and to be sure that you have a good deal of buoyancy and trim control.

Every cenote has different characteristics, some are really easy going, while some of them are a bit more challenging regarding depth, entry or diving technique. That is why we decided to offer you two different cenote diving trips so we can adapt to your experience level, interests and needs.



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