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The diving world has a very wide variety of options to offer. These options can take you to many different kinds of diving. Here is  list of some of the specialties we offer in Mx Scuba, we are sure you will find something interesting that will allow you to experience new adventures, expand your diving knowledge and improve your skills to become a better diver.

Non diving Specialties

CPR course

$ 130 usd

This course is for any person that wants to learn how to provide the proper help and support to a victim in a accident scenario . One day of theory and practices that every person should take.

CPR 1st

nitrox course

$ 160 usd

Whether you want to extend your no decompression limits, reduce the surface intervals or reduce the nitrogen load in your body, nitrox will be the course that you are looking for. Click on the button below to know more about it and the e-learning options.

Diving Specialties

Solo Diver


cavern diving

$ 260 usd

The SDI Solo diver course focus on techniques that allow you to set your personal limitations, make a detailed dive planning, prevent accidents, and develop the proper skills for diving solo. It is a very popular and interesting course to expand your knowledge. Learn more about the e-learning options by clicking the button.

TDI Sidemount 


$ 530 usd

sidemount diving

Sidemount is no longer just a trend, this is a new way of diving which the new equipment configuration will allow you to start your path on the technical world, or also will give you a sense of freedom on your open water diving. Read more about the benefits and the program we offer available too on e-learning.

Deep diver Course

deep diving

$ 290 usd

Special kind of marine life, specific wrecks or a different adventure are some of the reasons why divers are always seeking for a deep training course. Learn the skills necessary to perform deep dives in the most safe way while having loads of fun. 

Drift diver Course

drift dives

$ 290 usd

Is well known that the best marine life and the more action takes place where the currents are. With the drift diver course, you will learn and practice the skills required to safely perfom dives in currents without loosing all the fun that great dive sites offer.

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