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Open Water Referral Couse

Maybe you did all the knowledge development and confined water at home or a different location than us, now you are ready to go in the open water and finish the performance requirements needed to get the diving license done. 

With this level you will be able to dive up to 18 meters / 60 feet depth under the same conditions of your training and experience.

You have to be sure that you finished the theory and confined water prior to book this course with us. Your referring instructor must sign the paperwork needed on a record and global referral form. 

Once you get here, we will take you one morning to the pool, to fine tune your water skills and review the most important information for your safety. In the afternoon you will be ready do do the first two open water dives.

The second day, you can choose to do the dives in the morning or in the afternoon and after you complete the performance requirements, your instructor will issue the certification card. You will become a certified diver!

$ 250 usd


  • 10 years old or more.

  • Know how to swim.

  • Medical questionnaire sign (in case you answer a “yes” on the questionaire we need to have a medical clearance “fit for diving”)

  • Sign waivers.

  • Have your referral paperwork done and signed by your referring instructor.

What´s NOT included 

  • Lunch and water out of the boat.

  • Any aditional day required other than the described in the schedule above.

What IS included 

  • Equipment rental for 2 days.
    Transportation (with insurance) from and to your hotel (if the hotel is located within Playa del Carmen)

  • One sessions in confined water to review your skills.

  • Certification fee once you have achieved all the performance requirements.

  • Drinking water on the boat.

- This course lasts for two days, when booking, select the day you want to start with the course. Remember you should not dive 24 hours before your flight. - When booking...
8 hr
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