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SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Course

This course is perfect for you if you have the open water certification done and you want to expand your knowledge through the many options the diving world has to offer. 

You will be qualified to dive up to 30 meters / 100 feet depth under the same conditions of your training and experience.

Your instructor will guide you through an overview of five different diving specialties, two of them are requiered to be Deep diving and underwater navigation. For the 3 remaining dives, you can choose from a variety of specialites included in your manual or e-learning code. 

Before you start your course, you will have to do some independent study on you manual. You will need to read the chapter of the first two specialties you chose.

Your instructor will lead you through the knowledge development part and will give you the proper briefings just before the dives so you know what to expect and what will be the performance requirements for each dive.

Consider that there are many dives from your manual that may not be available such as ice diving or dry suit diving. Please let us know about your interests before you start with your independent study.

As it is a very flexible course, the itinerary is just an approach of the real schedule, you will have to talk to your instructor and agree if there will be any change.

$ 440 usd


  • 10 years old or more.

  • Diving license certification minimum open water diver (any agency is accepted)

  • Medical questionnaire sign (in case you answer a “yes” on the questionaire we need to have a medical clearance “fit for diving”)

  • Sign waivers.

What´s NOT included 

  • Lunch and water out of the boat.

  • Any aditional day required other than the described in the schedule above.

What IS included 

  • SDI Advanced Adventure Manual or e-learning code.

  • Equipment rental for three days

  • Professional instructor

  • Transportation (with insurance) from and to your hotel (if the hotel is located within Playa del Carmen)

  • One sessions in confined water to review your skills.

  • 6 open water dives.

  • Certification fee once you have achieved all the performance requirements.

  • Drinking water on the boat.

- This course lasts for three days, when booking, select the day you want to start with the course. Remember you should not dive 24 hours before your flight. - When booki...
SDI Advanced Adventure
8 hr
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