Ocean dives Cozumel

The Cozumel Island is located just 45 minutes away from Playa del Carmen. The dives are conducted through a wonderful reef barrier that can start at around 12 meters / 40 feet depth dropping into a Wall that goes beyond 100 meters / 300 feet.

There are few boats in Playa del Carmen that have the permission from the harbor´s master to cross from mainland and do the dives in Cozumel. We have an agreement with the owner of these boats to take you to enjoy the beautiful reefs over the island. This way you can save the time and hassles to take the ferry and then the diving boat, the boat departs at 8:30 and will be back in Playa aroun 2:30 so you will have more time to enjoy your holidays on mainland.

The reefs that we visit are very variable. The most popular ones due to their beauty are: Santa Rosa Wall, Paso del Cedral, Palancar, Colombia, Dalila and Paraiso. All the south west coast of the island is surrounded by wonderful reefs so it does not matter which reef you choose, we are sure that you will have an amazing experience.

The island is surrounded by drop offs and we could expect currents from mild to strong. If you are not very comfortable with this conditions, we recommend you to do a couple of dives with us in Playa del Carmen reefs previous to your trip to Cozumel, this way we can focus on tune up your diving skills and get ready for more adventure!


  • Bathing suit.

  • Dry clothes.

  • Extra pocket money.

$ 145 usd


  • Diving license of open water diver 

  • Last logged dive within the last 6 months.

  • Sign the Medical questionnaire (in case you have any “yes” on it, we will need to have a medical clearance with “fit for diving”).

  • Sign waivers.

Whats NOT included 

  • Diving equipment rental.

  • Diving computer rental.

  • Food,

What IS included 

  • Transportation from and to your hotel within Playa del Carmen area (with transportation insurance)

  • 2 tanks for diving (one for each dive).

  • Weights and weight belt.

  • Water and snacks on the boat.

  • Professional guide.

  • Towels rental.

Equipment rental 

  • Full equipment       20 usd

or by item

  • Regulator                 5 usd

  • BCD                          5 usd

  • Wetsuit                     5 usd

  • Computer                10 usd

  • Fins and mask           3 usd

Rental prices ar per person per day

- If you want to book for more than one person or more than one service. Write us a message about your interests and we will send you our great discount packages. - When ...
Ocean diving Cozumel
6 hr 30 min



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