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Nitrox Course

If you are a certified diver, you should know that we are breathing normal compressed air while diving, and when planning and conducting a dive, you should be aware of not exceeding the no decompression limits at any given depth. Diving with air, this limits are shorter than diving with nitrox.

If you want to extend those no decompression limits or reduce the surface interval between dives or simply have a less nitrogen load in your body, then diving with nitrox is the best option for you. 

As diving with nitrox does not requires any aditional "special" in water skill, this course can be completed with no mandatory dives. We offer it with a duration of 4 hours in which your instructor will review your prior independent study (manual or e-learning) and will explain all the details of nitrox diving.


After completing the quizes and final exam, we will issue your nitrox certification. 

If you are already planning to dive with us and want to add this course as a supplement, contact us through the form below or by e-mail and we will make a discount package on your bill.

$ 160 usd


  • 15 years old or more.

  • Minimum Certification of SDI open water or equivalent or current enrollment in an open water course.

  • Medical questionnaire sign (in case you answer a “yes” on the questionaire we need to have a medical clearance “fit for diving”)

  • Sign waivers.

What´s NOT included 

  • Lunch .

  • Any aditional day required other than the described in the schedule above.

What IS included 

  • Manual or e-learning code

  • Transportation (with insurance) from and to your hotel (if the hotel is located within Playa del Carmen)

  • Certification fee once you have achieved all the performance requirements.

- When booking, send us a message to let us know if you prefer e-learning program or paper student manual. - If you want to book for more than one person or more than one...
8 hr
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